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Blooming boob Bands

Blooming boob Bands

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Take on motherhood with blooming confidence and convenience, thanks to Blooming Boob Bands - the perfect nursing bracelet for every new mum!

Introducing our Blooming Boob Bands, the perfect accessory for every nursing mum! These stylish and practical bracelets are designed to help you remember which breast your baby last fed from. No more confusion or trying to remember which side is next – simply slip on a bracelet before feeding and switch it over to the other wrist once you're done. Made with soft and stretchy material, these bands won't irritate sensitive skin or leave any marks on your wrists. They also make a great gift for new mums who are just getting the hang of breastfeeding. Keep track of your feeds in style with Blooming Boob Bands!

  • Blooming Boob Bands are perfect for new nursing moms, helping them keep track of which breast to feed from next
  • These nursing bracelets are stylish and practical, making breastfeeding easier and more convenient
  • A thoughtful gift for any new mom, Blooming Boob Bands make a great addition to any nursing routine
  • With adjustable elastic sizing, these bands provide comfort while keeping your breastfeeding schedule on track

Breastfeeding boob bands.

With all you have to think about as a mum of a breastfeeding baby, we've got this covered!

Whether your sleep deprived or just need a gentle reminder whilst out grabbing a coffee, our 'this side next' nursing bracelets will take out the grab and feel approach when breastfeeding.

We also offer giftbox options so you can buy as a new nursing mum gift.

Made from stretchy elastic and equally stylish!

Each Pack Contains two nursing bands.

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