What are Nursing and Teething necklaces? And Why are they so popular?

Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with boundless joy and endless responsibilities. From the early stages of breastfeeding to soothing a teething baby, mothers face unique challenges that require innovative solutions.

Nursing and teething jewellery have emerged as stylish and practical accessories that make the lives of mums easier, Lets explore why they are becoming increasingly popular among modern mothers.

Promoting breastfeeding with nursing necklaces, helps create a distraction-free nursing environment for the little one. These specially designed accessories offer a safe and engaging focal point for the baby, preventing them from getting easily distracted and ensuring a smoother feeding experience.

No longer will mothers have to worry about their baby tugging or scratching during feedings. Breastfeeding jewellery becomes a source of comfort for the baby while allowing moms to breastfeed with ease, wherever and whenever.

Gone are the days when mum-friendly accessories had to compromise on style. Baby safe jewellery has evolved to be both functional and fashionable.

 With a wide range of designs and materials available, these accessories allow mothers to express their personal style while meeting the practical needs of motherhood.

From silicone necklaces to wooden beads and medical grade stainless steel, there is something to suit every fashion taste and sensory need of every baby, making these pieces a delightful addition to any mum's wardrobe.

Gone are the days of rummaging through the change bag hoping you remembered to pack a sterilised teether, these jewellery items offer a clean and hygienic option for little ones to chew on. Teething jewellery not only helps babies soothe their gums but also prevents them from putting harmful objects in their mouths, ensuring a safe and worry-free teething experience.


The close physical contact between the baby and the accessory acts as a source of comfort, promoting a sense of security and connection. These accessories become a source of interaction and playful moments for both mother and child, strengthening the bond between them.


Breastfeeding and teething jewellery have revolutionized the concept of motherhood accessories, combining style and functionality in a remarkable way. From facilitating convenient and distraction-free breastfeeding to providing relief during teething, these accessories offer numerous benefits to both mothers and babies. Additionally, they promote sensory development, enhance bonding moments, and allow mothers to express their personal style. As more mothers embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood, breastfeeding and teething jewellery continues to be a valuable and practical accessory for mum to wear and babies to reap the benefits along the way.